New Monitors by TVLogic

TVLogic, manufacturer of many industry-standard viewfinder and grading monitors, presented two new field monitors at NAB 2019. After their foray into the OLED world with the VFM-055A, TVLogic returns to IPS LCD for the new releases. This makes sense, as both new monitors, the F-5A and the F-7H mk. 2 are aimed squarely at camera operators and focus pullers. As such, the monitors are used in all sorts of conditions, often in the sun or bright studio settings, which is not OLED’s strongest suite.


TVLogic F-5A IPS LCD Field Monitor

The F-5A is TVLogic’s new incarnation of their immensely popular series of viewfinder monitors VFM-056W/P and VFM-058W. When the company released their OLED 5.5″ VFM-055A a lot of users, and particularly ACs found it lacking compared to the earlier LCD options. TVLogic is putting this right with the introduction of the F-5A.

Not only does it have a FullHD IPS LCD (like the lauded VFM-058W), but it also provides advanced focusing features like improved image sharpness and a new Peaking Boost function. A slight dissapointment is the maximum brightness of only 500 nits. Certainly an odd decision, given the fact that the LCD version of the monitor is expected to improve daylight operation over the OLED VFM-055A.

Apart from the panel change and new software functions, the F-5A and VFM-055A are virtually indistingushable. The housing, buttons, inputs and outputs are all the same, as is the built-in Sony L-type battery cradle. The F-5A is expected to retail at around $850

F-7H mk. II

TVLogic F-7H mark 2 IPS LCD Field Monitor
TVLogic F-7H mark 2 IPS LCD Field Monitor

The second monitor that TVLogic introduced at NAB 2019 is an update to the recently released F-7H. It is not yet clear whether the new F-7H mk.2 is due to replace the original, or if both versions are to be sold simultaneously. The mark 2 improves upon the F-7H in several areas, mostly regarding software and operation. Nontheless, there are more similarities than differences. This is to be expected, as both models are released not even a year apart. The F-7H mk.2 retains the same ultra-bright 3,600 nit 1920×1080 IPS LCD and the housing is largely the same. Inputs and outputs also remain unchanged, apart from an HDMI upgrade from 1.3 to 1.4 in the new release.

The biggest difference between the two models is the addition of four preset sensor buttons along the left side of the bezel. It is easy to see that TVLogic has taken a “page” out of SmallHD‘s book on this one. SmallHD has long promoted it’s Pages interface as a way to quickly change operating modes. Untill now, TVLogic’s monitors did not support such customization.

Like the F-5A, the F-7H mk.2 also features improved sharpness and the Peaking Boost feature. Coupled with the 3,600 nit brightness, this will certainly pique the interest of focus pullers. The F-7H mk.2 is expected to retail for about $2500

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