Camera Strap

Olympus OM-1 MD SLR with a wide camera strap / photo by Anthony Tran

What is a camera strap?

A camera strap is a device that attaches to a camera and allows the user to carry the camera around their neck or over their shoulder. It is designed to keep the camera secure and within easy reach for quick access and use. Camera straps are an essential accessory for photographers, as they allow them to carry their cameras comfortably and securely while they are out shooting.

The straps are usually made of durable materials such as nylon or leather, and can come in a variety of styles and designs. Many camera straps are also adjustable, allowing the user to customize the length to fit their body and the camera. Some camera straps also have additional features, such as quick release mechanisms, pockets, and padding for added protection.

It is important to note that camera straps are not only used on film cameras, but also on mirrorless and DSLR cameras, and even smartphones with camera attachments.

What are the different types of camera straps?

There are different types of camera straps available, including neck straps and shoulder straps. Neck straps are worn around the neck and typically have a padded section to provide comfort. Shoulder straps are worn over the shoulder and are often wider and padded for added comfort. Some camera straps are also designed to be worn as a wrist strap, which can provide an extra level of security when holding the camera.

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  1. I decided to loose the strap on most shoots and just use a grip, the only exception is when I’m photographing Newborn, so there won’t be any accidents of dropping the camera on to the baby.

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