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Hollyland LARK MAX Duo Review

Even though we might not often think about it here at Lens Notes, sound is an integral part of filmmaking, and sooner or later you need to look into it. …

Scheimpflug Principle

Selecting a Focus Puller Monitor

15 Camera Assistant Kit Must Haves


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What is an enlarger? A photographic enlarger is a device used in a darkroom to project an image from a photographic negative onto a piece of light sensitive paper in …

Darkroom Is Possibe: Ventilation


Darkroom Timers Buying Guide

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Selecting a Focus Puller Monitor

Ready to pull the trigger on your first personal monitor for focus pulling? Selecting a piece of gear that you will be working so closely with is a very personal …

15 Camera Assistant Kit Must Haves

The Civilian Guide to Camera Assistant Gifts

Best Cameras for Motorcycle Touring

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Camera Strap

What is a camera strap? A camera strap is a device that attaches to a camera and allows the user to carry the camera around their neck or over their …

Panoramic Film Camera Overview

Memory Card Reader