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Fast & Cheap – Viltrox announces an affordable 33mm f/1.4 APS-C autofocus prime

New kid on the lens manufacturers’ block Viltrox just announced a new affordable lens designed for Canon EF-M mount, Sony E-mount and Fujifilm X-mount APS-C mirrorless systems. Best known for …

Fujifilm Announces New Instax Mini 11

Canon teases feature-packed EOS R5

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TTL Cord

What is a TTL Cord? A TTL cord is a form of a flash sync cord that has the benefit of retaining the advanced TTL metering capabilities of the camera-flash …


Tripod Spikes

Lens Board


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Selecting a Focus Puller Monitor

Ready to pull the trigger on your first personal monitor for focus pulling? Selecting a piece of gear that you will be working so closely with is a very personal …


The Civilian Guide to Camera Assistant Gifts

The Next 15 Things for Your Camera Assistant Kit


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Blotter book

What is a blotter book? A blotter book, also called a print or photo drying book, is a traditional darkroom printing tool. No clever naming here, a blotter book is …

Darkroom Is Possibe: Ventilation

Print tongs