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Fast & Cheap – Viltrox announces an affordable 33mm f/1.4 APS-C autofocus prime

New kid on the lens manufacturers’ block Viltrox just announced a new affordable lens designed for Canon EF-M mount, Sony E-mount and Fujifilm X-mount APS-C mirrorless systems. Best known for …

Fujifilm Announces New Instax Mini 11

Canon teases feature-packed EOS R5

Gear guides

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Camera Pistol Grip

What is a camera pistol grip? A camera pistol grip is an anatomical handle that attaches to the base of a camera, allowing you to hold and point the camera …

Copy Stand

Photography loupe

Soft Shutter Release Button


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Lens Spanner Wrench

What is a lens spanner wrench? A lens spanner wrench, or just lens spanner, is a tool for removal of notched lens retaining rings. It is used to take apart …

Dry Cabinet

Focus Puller Kit Essentials

15 Camera Assistant Kit Must Haves


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Photography loupe

What is a photography loupe? A photography loupe, also called negative magnifier or film loupe, is used to inspect processed film or prints. It’s a single or multiple element magnifier …

Darkroom Paper Safe

Film Leader Retriever

Film Changing Tent