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Fujifilm announces new affordable X-T200 camera and XC 35mm f/2 prime lens

Fujifilm has just announced a new, affordable camera and lens combo – the X-T200 and XC 35/2 prime lens. Let’s have a look at what’s on offer: Fujifilm X-T200 The …

New products by Ilford

New by TVLogic at IBC 2019

Canon launches the EOS M6 II

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Camera Stand

A camera stand is a device used to support a camera while shooting. Sometimes called column stands or studio camera stands, these devices are almost exclusively found within a studio environment.

Dark Slide

Lens Hood

Macro Focusing Rail


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Martini Shot

What is a martini shot? A martini shot is film slang term for the last set-up of the shooting day. Usually called out by the first assistant director (1st AD), …

Director’s Viewfinder

Clapper Loader

Matte Box


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Darkroom Easel

What is an easel? The printing easel, also known as a masking frame or darkroom easel, is a fundamental darkroom accessory. Easels help you frame the enlargement propery and hold …

Darkroom Is Possible: Blackout


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