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Fast & Cheap – Viltrox announces an affordable 33mm f/1.4 APS-C autofocus prime

New kid on the lens manufacturers’ block Viltrox just announced a new affordable lens designed for Canon EF-M mount, Sony E-mount and Fujifilm X-mount APS-C mirrorless systems. Best known for …

Fujifilm Announces New Instax Mini 11

Canon teases feature-packed EOS R5

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Tripod Spikes

What are tripod spikes? Tripod spikes are a photographic support accessory designed to improve tripod stability on tricky terrain such as ice, mud, sand or snow. Made out of stainless …

Lens Board

Camera Pistol Grip

Copy Stand


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The Next 15 Things for Your Camera Assistant Kit

Welcome to the second instalment of our popular series on what an assistant camera (or an AC) should have in their kit. If you are here, we take it you’ve …

Lens Spanner Wrench

Dry Cabinet


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Resin Coated vs Fiber Based Photographic Paper

So, you’ve embarked on an exciting darkroom printing journey, but you’re faced with a tough decision right at the checkout of your supplies order. Do you choose resin coated (RC) …

Print tongs

Photography loupe

Darkroom Paper Safe